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Forum...Journal of Human Relations (adult digest magazine, Joanne Latham, 1980)

Forum...Journal of Human Relations (adult digest magazine, Joanne Latham, 1980)

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Guccione, Bob (publisher); Anthony J. Guccione (secretary/treasurer); Wendy Leigh, Gary Null & Allan Sonnenschein, Linda Lee, Norra Tannenhaus, Dr. Judith Steinhart, Derek Horner, Nick Bosco, Judith Bennett, Dr. Stanley C. Clawar & Brynne Penneys, Malcolm Braly, Marvin Bevans, Jeannette Kossuth (contributors)


Forum: the International Journal of Human Relations [Forum Magazine] (vintage adult digest magazine, Joanne Latham cover, Mar 1980) 


New York: Forum International, 1980. V9 N6, March 1980. Distributed by Curtis Circulation Co. (CCC logo on front). Vintage adult digest magazine featuring house favorite British model Joanne Latham on the front (Jim McLaughlin), in blue velvet jeans, red halter, & windblown glow; Joanne also w/ partners 1pp & 2 ads for Viva Lingerie. A Wolverhampton native, a dancer before her first professional nude photos were appropriated by Guccione at Penthouse (1979), an often beguiling icy gaze & unquestionable lush dimensions still captivate on paper, vinyl album sleeves, even VHS slipcases for films she never appeared in. She also appeared on several magazine covers, including Game, Partner, Mayfair, Response, Oui Letters, Pillow Talk, Family Letters, & international titles produced in France, Germany, Spain. Joanne also appeared on several Midwood Books paperbacks.  


A monthly compendium to Penthouse magazine, before Penthouse was printing their name on their digests, this was issues as an international journal of human relations, w/ no pornographic photography, composed of reader submissions, erotic art & fiction, mixed w/ Penthouse ads, next issue preview. This issue features celebrities on good women (Elliott Gould, Richard Burton, Wilt Chamberlain, Bruce Dern, etc), hair loss, jeans, hunger control, sex study,  meditation.


5.5 x 8.25 inches, 130pp, B/W/Color throughout, saddle-stapled. Very Good Plus, moderate spine rubbing, brief creasing.


Steve Sullivan, "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia," #85, 1999. [Book ID 125053] [Magazines]


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