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Foto-rama [The Photo Magazine of Headline Features] (10 digest pin-up magazines)

Foto-rama [The Photo Magazine of Headline Features] (10 digest pin-up magazines)

SKU: 125309

Foto-rama [The Photo Magazine of Headline Features] (10 digest pin-up magazines)


New York: Arena Publishing Corp., 1954-58. Distributed by Ace, then PDC/ID. B/W throughout, 130pp. Vintage long-running non-nude pin-up digest magazine devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models (later issues w/ color inserts). Russ Meyer was a major contributor (was he Myron Fass, credited editor in several issues?). Similar to EYE, PIC, TAB, VUE, etc.; later issues (about 1960) began to feature nude photography, & by the end of its run, Foto-rama was essentially pornography. Still, one of the best of its kind. V2 N2, MAR 1954: Keith Bernard, Tempest Storm, Joanne Arnold, kickboxing, Carolfae Peterson, sponge fishing, Gilbert Barb murder, white slavery photo-play, Vic Martin, strange love, numerology, Dagmar. V2 N3, MAY 1954: Marcia Eddington, 6 sin pleasures, bullfights, Sudan hairdos, Irish McCalla skiing, Alcoholics Anonymous, Mara Corday, human oddities, dope, bawdy burlesque, femmes fatale, Fraces Butler, cartoons (Haggelund, Martin, Pascal). V2 N4, OCT 1954: Rapho Guillumette, Rita Ritzman, Graphic House, Camera Clix, Globe, Three Lions, US cults, Danielle Lamar, Calgary rodeo, "art" model confession, Gloria Pall, Nejla Ates, Dardy Orlando, Waldorf-Astoria, Haggelund cartoon. V2 N6, FEB 1955: Danielle Lamar, Baltimore vice, Cleo Moore, Laya Raki, Theila Darrin, Panama tribes, hitching con girls, female impersonators, Tempest Storm, Naga Noren, swing dance, Tongolele, Dayak headhunters, Erna Rossman. V3 N2, JUN 1955: Vicki Hayes, Farwell Brothers General Store, bikini flight school, tattooing, Jennie Lee, burlesque history 10pp, Hitler's libido, Linda Lombard, Haiti death dance, German duels, wild orchids, Barbara Loden, Maila Nurmi Vampira. V4 N1, FEB 1956: Jackie Monroe, Manny Fuchs, Carol Ohmart, Gangler's Circus, NYC bread, Winston Churchill, Sheree North, NYC drive-in church, Joe Kennedy smuggling Prof., female pirates, Dardy Orlando, Greenland, Gianna Gobelli. V4 N2, MAR 1956: Lila Lynn, freedom balloons, Silver Frolics girl, worms, Howard Hughes, "Fort Yuma" film, Baltimore family biking, Martha Hyer, Bettie Page, crooks helping cops (Dillinger, Barker, Karpis), Pymatuning Dam, Sky Low Low. V4 N11 [N10 contents page], JAN 1958: Arline Hunter, Navy shakedown, Guy de Maupassant, "Secrets of Life" Disney film, Chekov, labor unions, Mussolini, Rita Grable & Diane Webber 2-sided foldout, Sophia Loren, Eve Meyer, Phil Silvers. V4 N12, MAY 1958: Susan Darby, Bonnie Logan, Joe McCarthy, Ann Praline, Jayne Mansfield, Nautilus sub, Ida Lupino & Duff, Jacquelyn Ebeier, Bert Lahr, call girl labor union, Bette Davis, ribald tale, Tina Louise, Jeanne Carmen, Jean Jani 5pp. V6 N1, SEP 1958: Vikki Dougan, Rosanna Schiaffino (Russ Meyer), Eve Meyer, Patty McCormack, Rita Ralston, Fay Spain, Baze Starr film ad, Roy Campanella, moon exploration, Mike Masters, vignettes (Donalda Jordan, Scott Weldon, Diane Webber).


Very Good Plus overall, a few lesser. Full collation upon request. [Book ID 125309] [Magazines]


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