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Foto-rama (Vintage adult digest magazine, Debra Downey cover, 1973)

Foto-rama (Vintage adult digest magazine, Debra Downey cover, 1973)

SKU: 126327

Uberti, Frank (ed.); Tom Wellington, Charles Thomas, Alan Gordon, Alec David, Robert Danton, Stanley Comrie, Amanda Dalton, Q.C. Ridling (editorial)


Foto-rama (Vintage adult digest magazine, Debra Downey cover, 1973)


New York: Arena Publishing Corp., 1973. V7 N9, January 1973; distributed by Kable News, B/W throughout, 98pp, 5 x 7 inches, 75 cents cover price, side-stapled & perfect-bound. Vintage adult digest magazine, featuring photography of nude women, editorials on celebrities, sports, vice. Early issues boast swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, but for its duration always profuse photographs & great models (some issues w/ color inserts). Russ Meyer was a major contributor (was he Myron Fass, editor of several issues?). Similar to Eye, Pic, Tab, Vue, etc.; later issues (about 1960) began to feature nude photography, much eerily similar to 1950s camera clubs. More pornographic through progression. Much of the editorial was sensational in nature, often brash, inevitably exploitation.


House favorite "Debra Downey" (notable appearances in Elmer Batters magazines) as Adrian Jonas cover/3pp/centerfold, brunette on chair rear cover. Tan Cindy Howard 6pp, Latin Carmin 4pp, poolside Dotty Parker 3pp, gang "rape clubs" case study, Gerry Mathews blonde wig & trumpet 2pp, Jane Fonda 1pp, Leslie Lee 3pp, Britt 3pp, case study on lesbians (Diane Curtis & friend vignette), brunette Dennise Phillips 3pp, Vickie Toms 4pp, Lynn Morris 5pp, Lulu 4pp, blonde Liz Renay burlesque 4pp, Carol Raymond in heels 4pp, brunette Cindy Hawks 2pp, Debbie Turner 6pp/ctr, vignettes (Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Ann Rutherford, Barbara McNair & Rick Manzie, Paul McCartney & Linda, Joyce Gibson), ads (stag films, books, Unique Dist., Lillian Parker). 


Near Fine, slight roll. [Book ID 126327] [Magazines]


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