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FPL: Free Press Library (6 vintage adult paperbacks)

FPL: Free Press Library (6 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125754

New York: Star Distributors, 1971-72. Six vintage adult paperbacks from a prolific postmodern distributor known for its vast reprints of classic smut paperbacks. This particular line from Star likely short-lived, but one of the more colorful visually, w/ borderless photo covers. 4-letter words well-represented. Paperback ads at the back for NAA & Ares Books. Very Good overall, most are remainders. MEN AND WOMEN WHO CHANGE SEX PARTNERS (FPL77, 1971. Merrijane Gallorne. Insatiable NY buds). INTEGRATED LESBIAN LOVERS (FPL90, 1971. Fredrick Smithson. Big city whip love). SEX SLAVE OF PERVERSION (FPL97, 1972. Margo St. John. Insatiable oil baron wife, county living). TOO MUCH TOO SOON (FPL100, 1972. Ed Craig. Kansas guy moves to NY to be magician, meet his dream-girl). THE BLACKMAILED SWINGERS (FPL102, 1972. Michael Fielding. Industrialist, detective). JOAN WAS EAGER TO PLEASE (FPL103, 1972. Don Richards. Insatiable hotel clerk/waitress).  [Book ID: 125754]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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