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France Books (14 vintage adult paperbacks, 1962-63)

France Books (14 vintage adult paperbacks, 1962-63)

SKU: 125627

Hollywood, CA: International Publications, 1962-63. Fourteen vintage adult paperbacks, supposedly first American editions of previously published foreign titles. This line featured color fold-out front covers (several w/ 2 diff. images), often of nude models or illustration, & some featured internal illustrations. Ties to adult magazines of the 1960s, too. Unique. Time Out for Sex (F4, 1962. Dirk Novak. Beatniks, jazz, internal illus. dope. VG); Ding a Ling Broad (F12, 1962. Duke Shannon. Freelance artist, callgirl. "Globe News" rubberstamp on rear panel); Cleopatra's Blonde Sex Rival (F15, 1962. Walt Vickery. Ancient Rome, blonde nymph); Carnal Women (F16, 1962. John Rutherford. Island cruise, shipwreck. Hole-punch remainder); Silent Sex (F21, 1962. Jim Harmon. 20's Hollywood, script girls); Hot Load (F23, 1962. Will Saxon / Ron Haydock? Truckers & kicks); Golden Lust (F26, 1962. Adam Coulter. Nightclubs, femme fatale); Jazz Me Baby! (F29, 1962. Karl Kelly. Jazz, drugs, murder?); Carnival Sex (F31, 1963. Gary Bolin. Traveling circus, murder); Hollywood Lesbian (F32, 1963. Donna Richards. Hotel lust); Girlsville (F35, 1963. Richard E. Geis. Judy Bamber cover? Jazz, murder); Lesbian Torment (F40, 1963. Bill Leslie. Unsatisfied trucker wife); Big Mama (F42, 1963. Adam Coulter. Buxom "call" girl in Beverly Hills); Debauchee (F56, 1963. Adam Coulter. No fold-out panel (as issued?). Jet-set swingers, television execs). All VG+ unless noted.  [Book ID: 125627]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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