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Fred Fixler, cover art (6 vintage adult paperbacks, Brandon House, 1960s)

Fred Fixler, cover art (6 vintage adult paperbacks, Brandon House, 1960s)

SKU: 125931

Fixler, Fred (cover art); Tony Trelos, Amy Irwin, Stanley Curson, Wayne Vance, Peggy Swenson (authors)

N. Hollywood, CA: Brandon House, 1964-65. Six vintage adult paperbacks featuring standout cover art by Fred Fixler, a fixture at Brandon for a handful of years in the mid 1960s, & of the best Realist painters of his time. Fixler, a Hungarian raised in prewar Bronx, professionally trained art student whose realist textures brought to painting what Elmer Batters brought to photography, did for 60s smut what Belarski did in the 50s. Brandon, prolific West coast publisher of consistent quality, often popular nude models on covers, a penchant for ribald fiction & translations of foreign erotic novels. Most were edited by Brian Kirby, w/ translations & introductions by Jack Hirschman, Lauraine Kirby, & Hilary E. Holt. By 1975, Brandon was looking less like Brandon & more like Liverpool, & several adopted a Campbell's tomato soup can cover design! Connections to Holloway House, Regent House & other titles distributed by Parliament News, kingpin of American smut. 4-letter words scarce, if any. Pleasure House (708, 1964, Wayne Vance, B/W illus. throughout; swapping). The Reluctant Tease (739, 1965, Amy Irwin, rear photo cover, heavy brush-stroke cover art; latent lesbian), reprinted as XXE Edition, 1987. Sister for Sale (744, 1965, Stanley Curson, rear photo cover; ladder climb to debauchery). Sophisticated Sinner (918, 1965, Tony Trelos, best Bonfils-Batters crossover, w/ "madman" smoker in background & nylon legs in foreground). Amateur Night (927, 1965, Peggy Swenson aka Richard E. Geis, showgirls cavorting cover; lesbianism). Beat Nymph (932, 1965, Peggy Swenson, beatnik stud w/ 2 progressive girls smoker cover; beatnik nymph explores). Very Good to Near Fine, most the former.  [Book ID: 125931]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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