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Game (5 vintage adult magazines, 1975-85)

Game (5 vintage adult magazines, 1975-85)

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Game (5 vintage adult magazines, 1975-85)


California: Challenge Publications, 1975, 1977, 1985. Five vintage adult magazines, a title employing photographers like Keith Bernard, Samuel Peeps, Roger Cook, Serge Jacques, RBK, and Hal McQueeney, cartoonists like Bondini, Kevin O'Keefe, and top-notch unsung models. Long lasting, mostly classy in aesthetic, relatively raunchy in textual content.


V2 N4, April 1975. Reader letters, James Caan interview, lithe Brandy, Victorian hookers, Lesley outdoors, slave trade fiction, buxom Wrayanne Reynolds, Verina Glaessner horror film review, King Farouk, blonde Samantha, S. Parks cartoon. 

V4 N1, January 1977. Sheri crotchless panties, forceful women, U Lai Me, poolside & interracial lesbians, Dennis Hopper interview,  English Emma, musician deaths, softcore couple, Joan cowgirl, bisexuality, Gypsy Denise, Cindy blonde centerfold.

V4 N10, October 1977: Eric Clapton, Tym Manley, Serge Jacques, girl-next-door Mildred Snelling, truckers, Sylvester Stallone, lesbianism, "Poorboy" mock mag, Anita poolside, Jim Morrison, Brigitte Lehaie bathing. Good.

V10 N1, April 1983: Ron Vogel, "femail," Vic Martin, Regina from Nebraska, "A Howling Wolfboy in London" comic strip, body-building blonde, Gloria on stationary bike, Bridget at beach, Alice from Dallas, Berry outdoors, buxom Farrah, Serena ad, Joanne Latham ad rear inside.  

V12 N1, March 1985. "Girls Just Wanna" film, buxom hot rod queen, Harry Reems vignette, Christmas covergirl layout, Julia Parton ads.


Very Good unless noted. [Book ID 125849] [Magazines]


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