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Game (Vintage adult magazine, Joanne Latham feature)

Game (Vintage adult magazine, Joanne Latham feature)

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Pressman, Victor (pub.); Doc Silver (exec. ed.); Russ Meyer, Ralph Hampton (photog.); Bill Ward, Scotty, Quach Hung, Early (illus.); Norbert Klinger (writer)


Game (Vintage adult magazine, Joanne Latham feature)


New York: Piccadilly Publications, 1981. V8 N8, November 1981; 98pp, B/W/Color throughout, saddle-stapled, $2.95 cover price, distributed by FDS (Flynt). Vintage adult magazine, devoted to nude pictorials, cartoons, fiction, editorials, forum. Ran 1974-2000, little is documented.


Featured is Joanne Latham "reader's love letter" 2pp, lingerie, Kitten Natividad by Russ Meyer 5pp, Candy Samples 2pp, crossword, wet Sal 5pp, Heather Bentley soft-focus 8pp, unknown Asian cover/4pp/2ctr, unknowns 12pp, limerick, Martine 5pp, fiction (bus rides, "Brides for Satan's Stomach"), ads (Kirsten Anderson, C. Samples, J. Latham "Game Girls" issue, Elmer Batters "Leg Art" with Caruska, back issues). Very Good Plus overall.


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