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Garter Parade (10 vintage adult digest magazines, 1960-62)

Garter Parade (10 vintage adult digest magazines, 1960-62)

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Garter Parade (10 vintage adult digest magazines, 1960-62)


New York: S & G Publishers, 1960-62. Eleven vintage adult digest magazines, featuring photographic layouts of women in heels, hose, & garters, some outdoor scenes, promoted as "figure study" manuals for the aspiring photographer. Published likely by Leonard Burtman, whose endless network of smut peddlers included dealings w/ kingpin Reuben Sturman; was he the "S" in "Selbee," or "S & G"? Like many of Burtman's imprints, this series notable for popular models, great title & design, consistency. Each issue featured models previewed on the covers. Probably no more than 50 issues produced, a fantastic compendium of both American camera clubs & international photographers/models.


Photographers/model uncredited, however Marr (NY publisher of similar "studies") credits the following in their series "Buxie": Anthony Guyther (the "G" in "S & G"?), Bernard (of Hollywood? Keith?), Fritz Henlee, Jerry Tubbs, Tom Kallard, John Wilson. Since imagery in "Garter Parade" largely portrays female legs, hosiery, heels, other photographers, like Elmer Batters & Ron Vogel, British glamour guy Harrison Marks, or French leg-fetishist Roland Jacques, come to mind.


1: LP records, brick backgrounds, attic.

2: more attic, astonishing buxom blondes. 

6: house favorite British model Ann Austin covers/13pp/center, funky couch.

8: solid blonde Brenda Graham, Rosa Dalmai aka Eve Eden.

16 (1961): Brenda Graham cover, popular fetish model Anita Ventura in gloves, funky TVs, indoor bars.

17 (1961): noted actress/writer/Playboy Playmate Alice Denham covers/18pp/center, fishnets/heels blonde.

22 (1961): house favorite blonde Terry Higgins in wig covers/9pp/center, Virginia Rogers front/2pp, lots of curtains.

23 (1961): leather gloves/coats, pasties. 

25 (1962): lamps, blondes, corsets, funky couch.

31 (1962): fantastic blonde in living room w/ painted portraits of her in background, pixie hairdos.


5.25 x 8.25 inches, approx 32pp per, B/W throughout, color wrapper. Very Good Plus overall, several w/ price notations to front, light rubbing. 


Jim Linderman, "Proto-Porn: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s" (2012). [Book ID 126048] [Magazines]


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