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Gem (Vintage adult magazine, Jun 1980)

Gem (Vintage adult magazine, Jun 1980)

SKU: 125818

New York: G & S Publications, 1980. V21 N5, June 1980. Distributor: Kable News. B/W/Color throughout. Vintage adult magazine featuring fiction, humor, articles, & nude pinups in color! Later issues tend to be fewer & better, great models, photographers, illustration. Borne of the classic 1950s breast-acular mag JEM. Russ Meyer legened Kitten Natividad cover/layout 9pp, "Smart Aleck" (Candy Barr) review, flyfisher fiction, curvy Lana in blonde wig, Vic Martin-esque art, Latin-American Rosita centerfold blue nylons!, John Keefauver fiction, Roxanne Roxy Brewer 5pp, Candy Samples ad, Engleman, pageboy hat Sophia, Bob Zahn, Uschi "pinching" ad, Tamara Bird & Kelli Stewart vignettes on rear. Spine roll, Very Good.   [Book ID: 125818]  [Magazines]


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