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Gent (5 vintage adult magazines, 1961-66)

Gent (5 vintage adult magazines, 1961-66)

SKU: 125823

Dugent Publishing Corp.


Gent (5 vintage adult magazines, 1961-66)


New York: Dugent Publishing Corp., 1961-66. Five vintage adult magazines, distributed by Kable, 1961-1966. A title known for photography of nude curvaceous women long shelf life, classic cartoons. Regular artists included Bill Wenzel, Hageman, S. Harris, Lindensmith, Don Lomax, Otis Sweat, Bob Zahn, who kept a lighthearted approach established well into the Hardcore era.


V5 N6, August 1961: Eve Eden aka Rosa Dalmai, Isip art, Ebba ala Marlene Dietrich, Iris Bristol, beatnik cartoon.

V7 N3, February 1963: Nat Hentoff, Wendy, hot gals on hotrods, blonde Sheba, Ron Wing art.

V7 N9, February 1964: Crazy Horse dancer Vivienne, mythical Pandora, Bill Wenzel 4pp.

V8 N10, March 1965: Jaguar XK-120 car, Raymond Chandler & Dashiell Hammett, Zero Mostel, Wenzel 3pp, Australian girls, Robert Mitchum.

V8 N22, March 1966: Jo Ann Senatori, Sally Flanders cover/layout/center, Jackie Weldon (Ron Vogel), Fox Talbot photos.


Good overall, 1965 issue missing a few pages.  [Book ID 125823] [Magazines]


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