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Gent (7 vintage adult magazines, 1958-69)

Gent (7 vintage adult magazines, 1958-69)

SKU: 125864

Murray, Maurice & Frederick A. Klein, Peter Riley (publishers); Bruce Elliott, J. Ray Mulligan (editors)

New York: Excellent / Par Publications / Dugent Publishing Corp., 1958-69. Seven vintage adult magazines, distributed by Kable and with stated second-class entry in Rockville, Maryland. A title known for its later issues featuring buxom models, a long shelf life, and classic cartoons. Their employ of artists like Bill Wenzel, Hageman, S. Harris, Lindensmith, Don Lomax, Otis Sweat, and Bob Zahn kept their lighthearted approach established well into the Hardcore era. B/W/Color throughout, ~72pp. Included: V2 N4, April 1958; V4 N3, February 1960; V4 N4, April 1960; V7 N3, February 1963; V8 N11, April 1965; V8 N17, October 1965; V10 N2, April 1969. Highlights: Alberto Moravia, Henry Slesar, Alex Austin, Reamer Keller, Albistur, Cuban revolution, John Cassavetes workshop, Robert Bloch, Jack Sharkey, C.Y. Lee, Zoltan Glass, Crespinel, Mario Castilli, Birnback, Roy Superior, Ron Wing, de Carlo, the Dillons, June Wilkinson as Trojan warrior, Ann Atmar 6pp, jazz, slang, Coccinella Wade Miller, Max Williams (William Knoles aka Clyde Allison), Andre de Dienes, Jason Kirby, Bill Wenzel, Dennis, Manent, witchcraft, Aliscyn Sanborne underwater, Greenwich Village beatniks, pugilism, Nat Hentoff, Mort Gerberg, Don Orehek, Bruce Jay Friedman, Bill Hamilton, Keith Bernard, Sidney Harris, female drug addict Gloria interviews, Anthony Quinn, Paul Brock, Galaxy International, Lo Linkert, voodoo not drugs, Ruth Kuehn's new Nazi groups, Aleister Crowley, Matti Suuronen house, nudes on Wall Street, Ann Austin. Very Good overall, a few outliers. Pin-Up Mania! (Alan Betrock, 1993). Full collation upon request.  [Book ID: 125864]  [Magazines]


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