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Gent (8 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1966-68)

Gent (8 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1966-68)

SKU: 125766

New York: Par Publications / Dugent, 1966-68. Eight issues of vintage adult magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, w/ blank paper spine, front/rear blank covers excised. A fine men's magazine w/ some of the best fiction, fashion, articles, & B/W/Color photography. Would become one of the better breast fetish magazines of subsequent decades. Included: V8 N21, February 1966; V8 N23, April 1966; V9 N1, June 1966; V9 N3, August 1966; V9 N4, September 1966; V9 N8, April 1967; V9 N10, August 1967; V9 N3, June 1968. Highlights: Clermont Ferrand (WWII film), Graphic House, Lawrence Madden (divorce detective), Ron Vogel, Bill Wenzel, Ann Gregson in hay, George Vardiman (PI fiction), aphrodisiacs, Schochet, witchcraft fiction, H.H. Munro (The She-Wolf), octopus hunt, J.W. Garza (interplanetary politics), L. Oldenberg (Michael Caine), motorcycle gangs, Mamie Van Doren, Scarlet O'Mera burlesque, polaroid parties, John Keefauver, Larry Tritten (Con Sellers?), Serge Jacques, Ron Vogel, Sam Wu.   Very Good Plus overall. Pin-Up Mania! (Alan Betrock, 1993). Full collation upon request.   [Book ID: 125766]  [Magazines]


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