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Gent [Home of the D-Cups] (Vintage adult magazine, 1988)

Gent [Home of the D-Cups] (Vintage adult magazine, 1988)

SKU: 125390

Allen, Douglas R. (publisher); Bruce Arthur (ed.-in-chief); John David Hawver (art dir.); Nye A. Willden, Janice Mannes, Jerome Slaughter (eds.); Susan O. Tanney (graphic art), Pat Brooks, Toni Francies (columnist); Donald Milne, John Lomax, Ed Janicki, Lance Kincaid, J.L.G. Marketing, Peter Marchant, Howard Roark (photography); Tina Tassone, Skip Palmer, Don Powell (contributors); Brian Forbes, Adams, Cheney, Otis Sweat, Bob Zahn, Don Orehek (art)


Gent [Home of the D-Cups] (Vintage adult magazine, 1988)


Coral Gables, FL: Dugent Publishing, 1988. V29 N5, May 1988; distributor Curtis Circulation Company, $4.50 cover price, B/W/Color throughout, 96pp, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine featuring photography of nude buxom women, women of color, pornographic photography, cartoons, fiction, editorial, reader letters, ads, notable models & photographers. Ran 1950s to 1990s, later issues pornographic. A pillar of the genre.


Sarah cover/6pp, Tracy Neve, Roxanne Brewer, La Dawn cover vignettes; Dugent rear cover ad. Mature Gail 5pp, Toni Francies 1pp/letters, 50s & 60s dream cars, Twin Towers 6pp, T. Neve outdoors 6pp/centerfold, candid amateurs 2pp, La Dawn & Frank James 6pp, brunette Helen 7pp, uncredited ginger 1pp, typist R. Brewer 4pp, blonde Terri 6pp, fiction ("Strip Search" vice, "The Jade Vial"), vignettes (Crystal Starr, Candye Kane 2, Stacey Owen 2, Lenise, Terri, Lisa DeLeeuw 4, Viola, T. Neve, Debee Ashby, Twin Volcanoes 2, Boston Bertha/Twin Pyramids 2, Ruby Belnap & Herschel Savage, Ginger Lynn, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy, Lu Varley, Virginia, Jodi, Stacey, Pat, Pauline Hickey, Becky, Helga Sven); ads (C. Kane 2, Julia Parton 2, Ampix films, Candy Samples).


Very Good Plus, spine rubbing/stress, cover crease. [Book ID 125390] [Magazines]


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