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Girl Watcher (2 vintage pin-up magazines, complete set, 1959)

Girl Watcher (2 vintage pin-up magazines, complete set, 1959)

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Leaf, Earl, and Roger Reed (photography); Duane Schmidt, Philip Cyrus Gunion, Sir Oswald Chisholm, Dick Williams, John Collier, George Wettling, Maxim Gorki, Cosmo Gonzalles, June Wilkinson (contributors)

Canton, OH / Malibu, CA: Girl Watcher / Bonanza Publishing, 1959. Two vintage non-nude pin-up magazines intended as humorous "guides to girl watching," a controversial title in that its entries on watching, stalking, and "collecting" girls from the neighborhood have endured some criticism on questionably morality. Most of the articles about girl watching have little serious intent with regard to actual crimes against women, and the intro blurb states: "Dedicated to all Serious Scholars and Connoisseurs of Beautiful Women." Being that much of the content is the work of photographer Earl Leaf, it can be presumed that "girl watching" simply means capturing women candidly or professionally on camera as a professional photographer with professional models. Sports, humor (especially the first issue), fiction. Only a handful of issues produced (at least 2), with ties to other glamour photography magazines, including those from Dingbat Press. Arguably a high-point of men's magazine collecting, w/ the series second issue featuring Bonnie Logan & June Wilkinson, a cover capitulating glamour model society; perhaps no other men's magazine has done this, & what better models to represent the mystique, draw, and ideals of mid-century subculture: professional "girl watching." [V1 N1], March 1959: great uncredited cartoon illus. throughout, film negative design front panel, woman in wheat, types of girl watchers (cartoon), M. Arthur (illus., convent w/ nun), baseball player Eddie Waitkus shot, Earl Leaf exposé, great Mamie Van Doren 2pp, Susan Harrison contact sheet 2pp, spin-the-bottle party, June Wilkinson reader letters, guide to Paris cartoon, strawberry birthmark fiction, model hints, kitten/horn story, "26 Men and a Girl" story, Cosmo Ferrit photographer, bongo scene, Ethyl Supreme at gas pump, "Glamour Photograph" book ad of Dingbat Press (Eva Lynd vignette).   [V1] N2, June 1959: Bonnie Logan w/ June Wilkinson front panel, Bonnie w/ Earl Leaf front inside, both models internal vignettes. Joan Bradshaw, Vikki Dougan "The Back," letters, almanac/zodiac, Bill Ward-esque illus. throughout, the "kitten" type, around the world watching, Paris, girl next door, collecting pretty girls, love goddesses (vignettes: Marilyn Monroe, Vikki Dougan, Brigitte Bardot, Kim Novak, Cathy Crosby, Anita Ekberg, Joan Bradshaw, May Britt, Mari Blanchard, Diana Dors, Yvette Mimieux, Jeanne Carmen, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dolores Donlon, Susan Harrison, Faye Spain, Jo Morrow, Jayne Mansfield, Susan Oliver, Valerie Allen, Abbe Lane, Lili Kardell), girls who "wanna be watched," June Wilkinson reader letters, Sarah Parkins outdoors, birthmark fiction, "soft sex sell" auction, Arabian girls, "Glamour Photograph" book ad of Dingbat Press (Eva Lynd vignette), Elaine Stewart rear panel, "Photography Workshop" trademark logo rear panel. Each B/W throughout, color wrapper, 50pp, saddle-stapled. Striking Very Good Plus overall. Steve Sullivan, "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia," #9 (Wilkinson), #335 (Logan), pg 291 (Lynd), 1999. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013. [Magazines]


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