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Glance (3 Vintage tabloid-size magazines, 1950-52)

Glance (3 Vintage tabloid-size magazines, 1950-52)

SKU: 125540

Farrell, Edyth and Samuel Bierman, Gerald Holland (editors); William N. Jacobellis, Leo Fuchs (photographers)
New York: Headline Publications, 1950, 1952. Three larger format magazines (approx. 10.25 x 13.5 inches), approx. 50pp,  devoted to celebrity sightings, sports, world & war happenings, some emphasis on scantily clad women wearing high heels & pantyhose. Lots of full-page photographs, including photo-story layouts. Some of the better pinup covers here, presumably influenced later digest newsstand magazines, & oddly reminiscent of 40's pinup mags. V3 N4, Aug 1950. Lee Norris cover, vignettes (Jeanne Carmen, spanking, Pat Williams, Halle Jackson, Jackie Waldron, Rosemary Williamson, Jo Ann Arnold, Joan March, Peggy Greet), psychiatry (Peggy Greer, Phil Walters, Tom Sherin, Manny Lee), celeb gossip, Claudine Cherett, Mara Corday, female wrestling, "Treasure Island" film, party girls (Joyce Bringer, Eve & Vic Hasday), gadgets, two-timing (Justine Fabian, Toni Carroll, Mort Rapp), Judy Canova, private eye (Rita Russell, Grant Sullivan, Stan Brody, Peter Stevens), Eighth Avenue vice (NY), charades, B&B circus. V3 N5, Sep 1950. Barbar Freking cover, vignettes (Jean Wallace, Blanche Thebom, Jane Russell), spending money (Patricia Basso, Hank Richards, Dana Wyatt, Pat O'Neill), puppy or baby?, plunging necklines (Hilda Taylor, Nina Bara, Faye Emerson), "Edge of Doom" film, conscience (Dona Halsey, Richard Castle), love tangle (Vin Kehoe, Barbara Blaine, Peggy Minor), French models (Janette Batti, Jacqueline Berreaux, De Sazo photographs), vice in the park, driving safely, Earl Carroll models beach party (Mara Corday, Diana Mooney, Helen Groon, Sally Barnes), bawdy Broadway, Women's Amateur Polo Assoc. & Arthur Murray Girl Baseball Team of NJ, working women, fashion (Helena Carter, Ella Raines, Jean Patou, Cleo Moore, Denis Darcel), atomic energy, Paris Delaire & Bobby LaMarr female impersonators). V5 N3, Oct-Nov 1952. Cool off w/ Sheree North cover, Mary Collins, B-girls, NYC, vignettes (Busty Brown, Sheila Chong, Irish McCalla, Malie, Yvonne Donlan, Ann Melior), moto & marine polo, "The Ring" & "My Wife's Best Friend" films, marriage love or security, Lilly Christine Cat Girl 2pp, capital punishment, surrealism, Phyllis Riggs, celebrity childhoods (Veronica Lake, Yvonne De Carlo, Judy Garland, Lou Costello, Fred Mac Murray, Tyrone Power, Rita Hayworth, Jack Benny), Mr. D.A., Dominique Wynne. 2 issues VG, 1 VG+. [Book ID 125540] [Magazines]


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