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Pic / See (4 vintage oversize magazines, 1944-54)

Pic / See (4 vintage oversize magazines, 1944-54)

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Pic / See (4 vintage oversize magazines, 1944-54)


New York: Various Publishers, 1944-54. Four vintage large format tabloid magazines devoted to celebrity sightings, sports, world & war events, some emphasis on scantily clad women wearing high heels & pantyhose, similar to those published by Harrison (Wink, Titter, Eyeful). Several full-page photographs, photo-story layouts. Popularity would fade w/ the coming 1950s, in spite of showcasing some of the finer dramatic photography, film noir overtones rampant. 


"Pic": V15 N8, April 11 1944, Street & Smith Publications, war bonds logo, Larraine Day veggie cover (Zoltan Farkas), Ways & Means Committee, housewife diary, Tiber River crossing, La Salle Academy cadets, Adirondack mines, gardening, "Cover Girl" film (Dusty Anderson, Eileen McClory, B.J. Graham), "Up in Arms" film, film reviews (A.O. Dillenbeck), records (Carlton Brown), Mt. Loretta mission, Jayne Cotter, women welders, curling, Sylvia Opert, Dr. George Webster murder, George Petty ad, medicine, Book League of America rear cover.


See: V10 N5, September 1951, See Publishing Co., Jean Moorhead cover (Peter Gowland), Gina Lollobrigida 1pp, letter to GI mothers, solitary confinement, Gisella Svetlik 3pp, dental exams, Hans Haas & whale shark, Russell Patterson on beauty contests *Yolanda Betbeze, Paula Karell, Edith Zilli, Reina Seaman, Mary Collins, Pat Hall, Elaine Stewart), Ganges fires, photographer Christa (Irish McCalla 2pp, Mara Corday, Judy Landon, Ann Melton, June Bright), flying saucers (Gerald Heard), London dockers strike, Ken Murray on TV (Norma Thornton, Roxanne, Dagmar, Jane Wurster, Barbara Dobbins, Myra Lynn, Ronan York, Arlene James, Rebel Randall), "Fatties Anonymous" (in NYC), aerialists (Hermann Groenert), Book League of American rear cover.


See: V11 N3, May 1952, Mary Sinclair cover (Jon Abbott), Shirtmakers Convention 1pp, Doubleday One Dollar Book Club ad, after Korea (Marguerite "Maggie" Higgins), baby in bull ring, Rita Hayworth 3pp, street preachers, baseball pennant (Paul Gardner), American Sculpture Exhibition at Metropolitan, Martin & Dean, juvenile delinquents (William Bernard), big game hunter Penny Converse, Paulette Hendrix NYC date w/ soldier, Borneo Tarsiers, drinks (Toots Shor), tough sports, Steve Allen show performers (Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Anita O'Day, Dinah Shore), Miss America 1946, Jonas Shoppes lingerie ad, great gams Jeanne Carmen golfing, "Two Pirates" vaudeville, radio/TV tech ad rear cover.


See: V13 N4, July 1954, Jeanne Crain cover/1pp (John Engstead), spot reducer/massager ad, sultry Marla English 1pp (Sam Wu), parole, Moslem arranged marriages, dancers Darvas & Julia, unfaithful wives (Laetitia Bolton), "Europe's Top Pinups" mag review, Indo-China war, Willie Mays (Arch Murray), Mala Powers, suicide jumpers, blind minister Recker, Bobo Rockefeller, equilibrist Pinito del Oro, Armed Forces Radio Service (Ted Williams, Roy Rogers, Monica Lewis), blondes (Martha Hyer, Joy Lansing, Marilyn Monroe, Cleo Moore, Anne Francis, Kathleen Hughes, Betty Fry), Margaret Truman, "Tru-Vu" ad, Doubleday Dollar Book Club rear cover.


10.25 x 13.25 inches overall, 50pp, saddle-stapled. Very Good overall.  


NOTE: two images stitched together to show each entirety. [Book ID 126138] [Magazines]


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