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Good Housekeeping (Vintage Americana magazine, July 1953)

Good Housekeeping (Vintage Americana magazine, July 1953)

SKU: 125868

Finney, Jack, and Charlotte Armstrong, et al. (contributors); Bruno Bernard, Dare Wright, William Jackson, Hans Van Nes, Hi Williams, Louis Faurer, de Evia (photography); Joe De Mers, Austin Briggs, Lynn Buckham, Coby Whitmore, Joe Bowler (art)

New York: Hearst Corporation, 1953. V137 N1, July 1953. B/W/Color throughout, 224pp. Vintage Americana magazine devoted to household leisure activities, fashion, decoration, home upgrade, appliances, automobiles, medicine, with great color ads, generally with the female audience in mind. Began in late 1800s, still going strong now with online exposure. This issue notable for first appearance Part One of Three of Jack Finney's noirish casino heist story, "5 Against the House," basis for his 1954 novel and for the 1955 Phil Karlson film starring Kim Novak. Also featured: Max Shulman, Nigel Balchin, Rose Franken, Alice Beaton, Ruth Harbert, Edith Kingstone, Truman Henderson, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bettina Loomis, Emerson Starr, Samuel Grafton, Helen Colton, Harriet La Barre, Helene Wright, Maxin Deavis, Bill Randle, Charlotte Montgomery, Robert L. Faucett; corsages, recipes, asthma, missing children (Dare Wright photo), Jan Sterling for Playtex, Bing Crosby for Minute Maid, ads (Ivory Soap, Sunbeam, Prell, French's). Good overall, wrapper detaching, mailing label.  [Book ID: 125868]  [Magazines]


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