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Greenleaf: Candid Reader (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1967-69)

SKU: 125533

Calvano, Tony, and Alan Marshall (Donald E. Westlake or Lawrence Block??), Grant Fuller; Robert Bonfils (cover art)

San Diego, CA: Corinth Publications, 1967-69. Vintage lurid paperbacks, published by William Hamling in the 1960s. These are mid-period Greenleaf, adult novels with certain 4-letter words. Included: WANTON TRIPPER - CA908, 1967; SEAPORT STUD - CA910, 1967; BED OF VENGEANCE - CA927, 1968. G; VIRTUOSO VIRGIN - CA936, 1968. G. House fave cover; THE TABOO VIRGIN - CA944, 1968. G; SWAP FOR SINGLES - CA995, 1969. Dayglo pink! All Good or better, no remainders. [Book ID 125533] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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