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Greenleaf Classics (12 vintage adult paperbacks, 1966-70)

Greenleaf Classics (12 vintage adult paperbacks, 1966-70)

SKU: 125531

Aldrich, Curt (pseudonym, presumed William Knoles); Robert Bonfils (artist)


Greenleaf Classics (12 vintage adult paperbacks, 1966-70)


San Diego, CA: Greenleaf Classics / Corinth / Phenix, 1966-70. Vintage lurid paperbacks, published by William Hamling in the 1960s, featuring work by Curt Aldrich. Heavy on "swap" theme. These are mid-period Greenleaf, lurid adult novels, 4-letter words not rampant (until 1970 here). Legendary Bonfils did a few covers here, but other Greenleaf regulars show up too (Cannizarro, Ed Smith).


Adult Books (1.25, Greenleaf Classics) - 

1, 2, 3... Swap! (AB464, 1969); 

Swapalong  (AB495, 1969); 

Swap at the Top (AB1517, 1970). 


Candid Reader (1.25, Corinth) - 

Suzie Swaps! (CA1024, 1970. Date stamp to top).


Companion Book (1.25, Phenix) - 

Swappers All (CB569, 1969); 

Sin One, Sin All (CB577, 1968).


Ember Library Book (95c, Greenleaf Classics) - 

Spurs and All (EL370, 1967).


Leisure Book (75c-95c, Corinth) - 

Every Gal in Town (LB1142, 1966. Reader Copy); 

The Lust Shop (LB1185, 1967); 

Swap-Swingers Only (LB1213, 1967).


Nightstand Book (1.25, Corinth) - 

Every Sin in the Book (NB1901, 1968. Good).


Pleasure Reader (95c, Phenix) - 

Lover on the Lam (PR132, 1967).


Very Good overall, most are better, unless noted. No remainders. [Book ID 125531] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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