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Greenleaf Classics: Evening Reader (19 vintage adult paperbacks)
  • Greenleaf Classics: Evening Reader (19 vintage adult paperbacks)

    SKU: 125776

    Aldrich, Curt, John Dexter, John Baxter, Dean Hudson, J.X. Williams, Tony Calvano, Don Bellmore, Don Elliott, Andrew Shaw (house name, possibly Lawrence Block / George H. Smith) (authors); Robert Bonfils (artist)

    San Diego, CA: Corinth Publishers, 1963-66. Ninetenn vintage adult paperbacks, published by William Hamling in the 1960s, featuring work by Curt Aldrich. Adult novels but still without certain 4-letter words. SIN INN (ER704, 1963); THE LUST GIRLS (ER705, [1963]); LUST LEAGUE (ER714, [1963]. BASEBALL!); LEFTOVER LUST (ER715, [1963]); THE ORGY SET(ER716, 1963); SIN CURSED (ER718, 1964); SHAME MATES (ER719, 1964. Textblock coming loose); THE HOOKER (ER723, 1964. Textblock coming loose); BEACH BUM (ER735, 1964); LUST BUYER (ER765, 1965); PASSION CARNIVAL (ER770, 1965); THE SIN SWAPPERS (ER775, 1965); SIN WATCHER (ER788, 1965); SIESTA SIN (ER795, 1965); SIN TOUR (ER1201, 1965); OLYMPIC ORGY (ER1214, 1965); THE SEX PRO (ER1220, 1966); THE SIN SATED (ER1223, 1966); FUN LOVER (ER1263, 1966). Good to Very Good. No remainders.  [Book ID: 125776]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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