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Greenleaf Classics: Nightstand Book (13 vintage adult paperbacks)

Greenleaf Classics: Nightstand Book (13 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125440

Shaw, Andrew (house name, possibly Lawrence Block or George H. Smith), John McCormick, Gil Marlowe, Tony Calvano, J.X. Williams, John Dexter (authors)
San Diego, CA: Corinth Publishers, 1960s. Thirteen vintage adult paperbacks, published by William Hamling in the 1960s. Adult novels without certain 4-letter words (until 1969). All Very Good Plus or better unless noted. No remainders. LUST CLUB - NB1502,1959 [1960s]. Reprint? ANGEL OF PASSION - NB1810, 1966. THE SIN-DAMNED - NB1520R, 1962. Reprint. COLLEGE FOR SINNERS - NB1534R, 1960. VG. TRAMP - NB1541, 1961. G, textblock loose from wrapper. Reprint. $20 LUST - NB1546, 1961. LINGERIE MODEL - NB1567, 1961. G. Reprint? SIN TEACHER - NB1602, 1962. LUST WEEKEND - NB1614, 1962. G. SIN KIDS - NB1640, 1963. VG. CLANCY'S GIRLS - NB1744, 1965. Notation to front THE STUCK-UP STUD - NB1885, 1968. VG. THE BAWDYGUARD - NB1898, 1968. NF. [Book ID 125440] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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