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Greenleaf: Ember Book (16 vintage adult paperbacks)

Greenleaf: Ember Book (16 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125448

Don Elliott, John Dexter, Dean Hudson, Clyde Allison & Clyde Anderson (William Knoles), Dan Elliott, John Baxter, William Kane, Alan Marsh, Tony Calvin, Don Wellman, J.X. Williams and Chris Davidson
San Diego, CA: Phenix Publishers, 1963-67. Vintage lurid paperbacks, published by William Hamling in the 1960s. These are early Greenleaf, with no publisher information other than series name, adult novels but still without certain 4-letter words, cover art from Robert Bonfils and others. All VG+ or better, unless noted. Included: Flesh Act - EB901, 1963. Nympho - EB905, 1963. Call Boy - EB907, 1963. "Stark Campion" character (Donald E. Westlake??) Sin Merchant - EB908, 1963. Loser's Lust - EB916, 1963. VG. Sin Binge - EB919, [1963]. LUST GAMBLE - EB920, [1963]. SHAME CULT - EB921, [1963]. FLESH HUNGRY - EB929, [1963]. WEST END WANTON - EB935, 1964. SIN CIRCUIT - EB936, 1964. LUST LOBBY - EB941, 1964. FLESH TAKER - EB944, 1964. Shame Circle - EB947, 1964. GO DOWN, AARON -EL376, 1967. Classic homosexual title. VG. HYPNO-SIN - EL395, 1967. Bremner letters, Bonfils cover of ACE magazine model. One of the best. House favorite. Strong VG+. [Book ID 125448] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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