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GSX [Fetish and Fantasy] series (8 vintage paperbacks)

GSX [Fetish and Fantasy] series (8 vintage paperbacks)

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GSX [Fetish and Fantasy] series (8 vintage paperbacks)


N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1986-89. Eight vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring b/w cover illustrations, many themes. Reprints from other Parliament lines like Brandon House & Publisher's Consultants. Ties to Marlow[e] Sales. Lay Low, Lover (GSX110, Nov 1986. Knute Rockwood (Ken Rothrock). Reprints 1974 Brandon House ed. Murder mystery).

Stud On Wheels (GSX122, Apr 1987. Roberto Carlino. Rep's 1976 Pub. Consultants ed. Photographer w/ van picks up chicks). The Mistress (GSX149, May 1989. Gerald Kramer. Rep's 1973 Midwood ed. Writer in the woods). Dirty Secrets (GSX162, Aug 1989. Max Nortic (Max Citron). Rep's 1971 Midwood ed. Magazine models, photographers). Enraptured Lovers (GSX163, Aug 1989. March Hastings (Sally Singer). Rep's 1979 Midwood ed. Lesbians). The Making Of Marianne (GSX168, Sep 1989. Frank D. Reeve. Rep's 1974 Midwood ed. College coed awakens). The Lusty New Widow (GSX182, Dec 1989. David Kass. Rep's 1983 AAE ed. House servant & widow). Travelling Orgy (GSX183, Dec 1989. Jackie Sarti. Rep's 1984 AAE ed. Interracial cover. Traveling nymph, lesbians). Very Good overall, most are remainder.



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