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Harem (Vintage pinup magazine, first issue, 1960s)

Harem (Vintage pinup magazine, first issue, 1960s)

SKU: 125969

Fisher, Dave, and C.V. Tench, Brad Scott, Ralph Adonis, Ron Vogel, Ed de Long, Earle, Al Sargent, Leynnwood, Dan de Carlo (contributors)

N.p.: N.p., Circa early 1960s. V1 N1, no publication date or publisher. Formerly "Lark" magazine, one of a few "magazine for Sheiks" titles to be published around the turn of the decade, including titles like Fling, purporting to be for the man with a plethora of sexual conquests to choose from. Short-lived, less than 10 issues, not to be confused w/ other "Harem" titled magazines. Features topless nude models throughout, fiction, humor, cartoons, & articles. This issue features house favorite Shirley Kilpatrick on the front panel, topless, wearing black skirt, red plastic belt, diamond-studded garter, fishnet nylons, & red bandana. Shirley's natural red hair & angelic face perfectly accessible, as this issue often seen w/ title banner excised (a practice to denote remainder copies for the publisher). Also featured: Brigette Baum, Freddi Robins, Corrie Storm, Debbie Lane, Sandy Lane (from her Voodoo session), blonde Joyce Langord, pert Debbie Lee, color foldout, Dixie Hardacher, Persian Tanya Smith, Diane Webber as Egyptian queen 6pp, Shirley Skates. London prostitution, Tokyo vice.

Sawcut remainder, centerfold loose but present. Very Good overall.

Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013. [Book ID 125969] [Magazines]


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