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High Society (4 vintage adult magazines, 1978-85)

High Society (4 vintage adult magazines, 1978-85)

SKU: 125810

Leonard, Gloria (publisher)


High Society (4 vintage adult magazines, 1978-85)


New York: High Society, 1978-85. Four vintage adult magazines, from one of America's longest-running adult magazines, published by Gloria Leonard, the first female pornographic magazine editor/publisher. Still active to date, the website boasts "More than 60 Years," leading us to believe origins are around 1967, though most accounts have the beginning at 1976. Either way, high layout quantity, nearly hard-core throughout, often big name models like Julia Parton. Very similar to Hustler.


V3 N3, August 1978: 1950s cheesecake, Nan Loffstrom poolside, hot rod 3way, Landgrafe art, buxom Jacqueline, Paul Brock, Gasabene art, Elvis lover, bodybuilder 4way, seaside lesbians.


V4 N10, March 1980: Tattoos, Laurien Dominique, "Werewolf Tapes" story, Lesllie Bovee, exotic Belinda, Atlantic City, Gee! Gloria comic, Angie in corset, Zahn art, Valentine's Day buzzer, Lesley-Anne Down, croquet lesbians. 


V9 N4, August 1984: vignettes (Keli Stewart, Uschi), Corrine workout, Olympics, British lesbians, Daryl Hannah, Tanya garters, John Holmes' cellmate, Angela bushy, Jane Seymour, beach blanket 3way, Melissa covergirl, Ginger Lynn ad.


V9 N10, February 1985: Julia Parton vignette, leggy Emily, sock hop couple, blonde Lauren outdoors, Bo Derek, Latisha in white, Private Belinda, boating lesbians, buxom Darla in bed, Cartier outdoors).


Very Good overall. [Book ID 125810] [Magazines]


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