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House of Pleasure and Pain (Vintage Paperback)

House of Pleasure and Pain (Vintage Paperback)

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Banner, Antony; Eugene Bilbrew (cover art)


House of Pleasure and Pain (Vintage Paperback)


New York: Star Distributors, 1972. WIP Books WIP-137, First Edition, paperback original, 12mo softcover, $2.25 cover price, 190pp, perfect-bound, color wrappers. Adult erotic novel featuring bondage and flagellation themes,  cover art by Bilbrew, and a few internal comic illustrations (not Bilbrew). Bilbrew as an African-American illustrator and underground artist, a singer in the Basin Street Boys, worked at the Los Angeles Sentinel (newspaper), created the first black superhero "The Bronze Bomber," and later overdosed in an adult bookstore. Early work seen in Irving Klaw's Nutrix digests, later works are paintings of the seedy characters of his daily routine for Ed Mishkin and Leonard Burtman paperbacks. His work is steadily recognizable and his precedence in Black comics and underground art holds fast. Bilbrew's finals works (1973) decorate several Star Distributor titles, many of less than mentionable themes paraded as "case studies."


Very Good Plus, light rubbing, lean, spine and brief creases. For consenting, mature audiences.

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