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Hustler (4 vintage adult magazines, 1980)

Hustler (4 vintage adult magazines, 1980)

SKU: 125809

Flynt, Larry (publisher)


Hustler (4 vintage adult magazines, 1980)


Los Angeles, CA: Larry Flynt Publications, 1980. Four issues for 1980, from one of America's unabashed adult magazines, published by Larry Flynt and active to date, poignant parodies rampant. Artists included Trosley, Collins, Kohl, Cheney, Tinsley, Stan Fine, Billette, and Garst/Helford ("Honey Hooker" comic).


V6 N7, January: Wrapper detached but present. Serena film blurb, Hakeem Abdul Rasheed, truckin' lesbians, Al Goldstein, Christmas Toni (2x4 panel pullout), masturbation, Jennifer Welles & stud, Ben Pesta football story, Noel nylons, John Wayne ad.


V6 N9, March: Matti Klatt cover, Timothy Leary, vignettes (Serena, Vanessa del Rio), nursing homes, Lisa Deleeuw 8pp!, Robert Metz, hot tub lesbians, religious sex cult, Brenda & brass, softcore Spanish, Mary Waters ad. 


V6 N10, April: Matti Klatt cover, Mike Parkhurst, softcore mummy's tomb, David Brown cartoons, Shauna Grant aka Colleen Applegate as Paula, nuclear disasters, Skipper seaside, video dating, 4-way.


V6 N11, May: H.R. Giger blurb, herpes, George Jones, Louisa black nylons, illegal aliens, girls of CHIC, Madeleine, Mormons, lesbian maids, Harold Norse, softcore chess, Annette Fredin ads, John Wayne ad. 


Very Good overall. [Book ID 125809] [Magazines]


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