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Hustler (5 vintage adult magazines, 1977-79)

Hustler (5 vintage adult magazines, 1977-79)

SKU: 125853

Flynt, Larry (publisher)


Hustler (5 vintage adult magazines, 1977-79)


Los Angeles, CA: Larry Flynt Publications, 1977-79. Five vintage adult magazines from one of America's raunchiest adult magazines, published by Larry Flynt and active to date, always the finest in parody. 


V4 N2, August 1977: Infamous Stacy's "scratch 'n' sniff" centerfold present but since lost its aroma, art: Bruce Ackerman, Dwaine B. Tinsley, Jose Cruz; CB riots, blonde Karen, Barry Reid, Tijuana Antoinette, Harold Norse, Frederique, "Honey Hooker" comic.

V4 N5, November 1977: Frank DeLia cover, Ruby Starr vignette, men's rights, Paul Gulacy art, side ponytail Daphne, Carlton Haney, Sheree Lee, golden showers, Bob Bishop bondage art, Susan in tub, David mann art, E.L. Gerdes, hot natural Mara, "Honey Hooker." Lacks rear cover.

V4 N6, December 1977: John Holmes' glans interview, Ralph Steadman vignette art, Cuba, Trosley art, Marlynn in red (Suze Randall), Andrew Kowal of "High Times," soapy Lydia (pullout poster), Vicki in barn, Shane on sheets, "Honey Hooker." 


V4 N10, April 1978: Scandalous Easter crucifixion cover, bondage wrap-up, biker babe Connie (S. Randall), S/M, Janet & Karen blondes, Al Goldstein interview, Ralph Reese art, Batters-esque Theresa, "Last Shiksa," Laura in black, "Honey Hooker."


V6 N4, October 1979: Suze Randall cover/layout of Lolita, Boris Vallejo blurb, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, stretching lady, Amsterdam sex, "Star Virgin" film, Inga poolside, Ben Pesta (Bryant Eastman art), poolside couple, Annette Fredin ad vignette, "Honey Hooker."


Very Good overall. [Book ID 125853] [Magazines]


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