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Hustler (6 vintage adult magazines, 1980-85)

Hustler (6 vintage adult magazines, 1980-85)

SKU: 125799

Flynt, Larry (publisher)


Hustler (6 vintage adult magazines, 1980-85)


Los Angeles, CA: Hustler Magazine, 1980-85. Six issues from one of America's unabashed adult magazines, published by Larry Flynt, active to date, poignant parodies rampant. Artists included Trosley, Collins, Kohl, Cheney, Tinsley, Stan Fine, Billette, and Garst/Helford ("Honey Hooker" comic).


V6 N9, March 1980: Matti Klatt cover, Timothy Leary, vignettes (Serena, Vanessa del Rio), nursing homes, Lisa Deleeuw 8pp!, Robert Metz, hot tub lesbians, religious sex cult, Brenda & brass, softcore Spanish, Mary Waters ad.


V8 N11, May 1982: Trapeze lesbians cover/layout, Ted Nugent interview, torture essay, motorcycles, Charlene in bed (Honey), J.R. Regis story, blonde/undead vet, Alexandria diving, ads (Serena, John Holmes, Lisa Deleeuw.


V11 N2, August 1984: Lori cover, Lisa Deleeuw vignette, swingers, Claudia poolside, nicotine, insects attack, Lorelei shotgun, softcore trucker 3way, Rio 3way, Julia Parton ads, Ginger Lynn ad rear. 

V11 N3, September 1984: Body paint cover, Candye Kane ad, hooker Marlene, sexy Olympics, Sammi-Jo bedtime, Clair Tomlinson on WWIII, Vera poolside, suicide Colleen Applegate, biking lesbians, Ginger Lynn ad rear inside.


V11 N7, January 1985: Ladi von Jansky cover, Manila, living mannequins, John Billette, Frank Snepp, Roxanne poolside phone call, Timothy Leary on Larry Flynt, redhead Candace, Nina Hartley & stud at cinema. 

V11 N8, February 1985: James Baes cover, Cheech & Chong, Dale Bozzio, "Lust in the Fast Lane" blurb, Jackie Presser, Christy Canyon 10pp!, exotic Lucille, Timothy Leary on cybersex, Bam-Bee & Shredder punk lesbians, RFK. 


Very Good overall. [Book ID 125799] [Magazines]


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