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Hustler (7 vintage adult magazines, subtitled series, 1980s)

Hustler (7 vintage adult magazines, subtitled series, 1980s)

SKU: 126063

Flynt, Larry


Hustler (7 vintage adult magazines, subtitled series, 1980s)


Los Angeles, CA: Hustler Magazine, 1980s. Seven vintage adult magazines, 1980s, from Hustler's various "subtitled" imprints. 


Hustler Beaver Hunt (V5, 1984, center loose, Barb from Florida, Madeleine award winner, Carla from Denver, Patty Henderson, blonde Beverly, Ginger Lynn rear panel); 

[The Best of] Hustler Beaver Hunt (V6, 1986, cut 1pp, Gabrielle in spotlight, Julia Parton as Charli 6pp, blonde Catherine on brass, bubbly Hillary); 

Hustler Rejects (V8, 1984, photos by Jack Callis, Clive McLean, James Baes, Suze Randall, Peter Bartok, Bruce Kennedy, outdoors scenes, water hose, lesbians, softcover); 

Hustler Rejects (V9, 1985, McLean, Matti Klatt, Baes, R. Roberts, Jean Rougeron, Ladi von Jansky, models Keli Stewart as Latina Cha Cha, Marla & 2 Prince look-alikes, interracial lesbians, tattoo lady);

The Best of Hustler (V10, 1984, Candye Kane vignette, Sondra Locke, beach Mandy, Dennis Hopper photo session, tattoos, Sammi-Jo, softcore, buxom w/ watermelons, Laura of Florida, poolside lesbians); 

Hustler Humor (May 1980, cartoons/comics by Joe Lennon, David Brown, John Billette, Joe Kohl, George Trosley, Dan Collins, Don Lomax, Tinsley, Ellis); 

Hustler Kinky Sex (V1, 1984, B/D/S/M, L/G/B/T/Q, softcore, Julia Parton ad, office party, hefty Lulu, Cindy Nelson, showgirls, Danielle w/ real bear, piano lessons).


Very Good Plus overall. [Book ID 126063] [Magazines]


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