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Hustler (Vintage adult magazine, 1978)

Hustler (Vintage adult magazine, 1978)

SKU: 126308

Flynt, Larry C (ed., publisher); Althea Flynt (assoc. publisher, ed. dir.); Jean-Louis Ginibre (assoc. publisher, creative dir.); J.M. Williams, Joe Nick Patoski, John Eskow, Roy Campbell, Todd Curtiss, Fred Fernandez, Mike Toohey (contributors); Dwaine B. Tinsley, Trosley, Kanarek, Alex Ebel (art); Clive McClean, James Baes, Ron Vogel (photography)


Hustler (Vintage adult magazine, 1978)


Columbus, OH: Hustler Magazine, 1978. V4 N9, March 1978; distributed by FDC (Flynt), full-color throughout, 126pp, $2.25 cover price, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine featuring nude women, glamour & pornographic photography, sex news, film/book reviews, cartoons, fiction/nonfiction, reader letters, ads. Began 1974. 


Fun text-only cover, "X-Rated Papers" ad rear cover. Sam J. Ervin, Jr., Serena half-p for The New Centurian Bazaar bondage store, masturbation, Racehorse Haynes, Dot 2pp/2 centerfolds, evangelists, Angel on yellow 3pp/3-panel foldout, jungle Jill 5pp/ctr, art vaginas 7pp, Bonnie on paisley 3pp/2ctr, amateurs, Bob Zahn cartoon, "Honey Hooker" comic strip 4pp. 


Very Good Plus, slight roll, spine rubbing. [Book ID 126308] [Magazines]


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