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Impact Library / Impact Reader (76 vintage adult paperbacks)

Impact Library / Impact Reader (76 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125153

Impact Library / Impact Reader (76 vintage adult paperbacks, 1967-74)


Los Angeles, CA: Echelon Book Publishers, 1967-74. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News (middle issues w/o Parliament logo). Featuring mostly "case history," interesting "nonfiction" series spanning over 100 titles (series numbers continue into 700s), several issues reprinted w/ different titles. A powerful representative late in the "sleaze" canon, educational albeit sensational documenting interspersed w/ erotic themes ranging from swapping to oralism, Victorian to suburban, as well as taboos. Impact Library Books would become Impact Reader.


Highlights: The International Erotica (IL102. Survey, international woman's sex urges). Sodom City (IL215. Report, Las Vegas vice). Sex…da…Love…nyet… (IL216. Ribald international memoirs). Valley of the Lesbo (IL220. Lesbian diary by Anita Bondell, possibly Ann Bannon?). Odyssey of a Rakeheel (IL226. Ex-Marine on the run). The Maidens of Shunga (IL302. Cartaginian debauchery). Memoirs of a Bolshoi Ballerina (IL311. 1800s, “banned by Tsarist and Soviet Governments”). New Techniques of the Far-Out Sex Cult (IL326. Nymphomania). Skin Swap (IL349, Interracial swingers of suburbia).


Very Good Plus overall, a handful lesser, a few remainder, a few w/ brief ink notations. Full collation upon request. [Book ID 125153] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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