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Jem [A Treasure Chest of Rare Spice] (7 adult magazines bound together, 1957-60)

Jem [A Treasure Chest of Rare Spice] (7 adult magazines bound together, 1957-60)

SKU: 125670

NJ: Body Beautiful / Weider Periodicals, 1957-60. NJ: Body Beautiful, then [Joe] Weider Periodicals, 1957-1960 (JEM dating system often inconsistent). Seven issues of adult magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine & wrapper. A fine men's magazine, albeit somewhat misogynist, PLAYBOY inspired, w/ top notch fiction, articles, and photography, including color foldouts, & a lean towards buxom models, fiction. Would go on to be one of the finest beast fetish titles of the 1970s-80s. B/W/C throughout. VG+ overall. Present in this volume: V1 N2, JAN 1957 (Candy Barr, Tom Ten-Lash Augusta, Frank Thistle , brothels, Dennis, Tupper, Bill Ward, Frosty, Diane Webber, Janice Shea, Elsa Sorenson (Dane Arden), Betty Brosmer, Alice Denham, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Corinne Calvet, Iris Bristol, Keith Bernard silhouette). V2 N1, FEB 1958 (Candy Barr, witches, Morgan Ives, Al Mayer, Troop, Coccinelle, Lee Sharon, silver girls, phone booth girl).   V2 N2, JUN 1958 (Greta Thyssen, strip poker, "Decameron" rewrite, night clubs, Ann Peters, Rene Andre, "party lineup" drink recipes (Betty Brosmer, Coreen Rodella, Eve Meyer, Shirley Kilpatrick), Lido Club). V2 N4, OCT 1958 (Kathy Marlowe, Dawn Danielle, pervy women, Brigitte Bardot, Greenwich Village, Dr. Philo Bronck, Donalda Jordan, Oriental girls, Judy O'Day on ice!) V3 N2, AUG 1959 (June Wilkinson, heeling, Hedy Lamarr, R.B. Apoian, duchess/pimp, Cairo, Gina Bell, Boubouka). V4 N1, JUN 1960 (Betty Brosmer, Joan Vincent, George Tripp, call girls, brandy, Shirley Quimby, Bunny Bacon & lion, 3 gal pals).   V4 N2, AUG 1960 (sex & politics, mistresses, global smut, Marcel Boileau, opera, June Wilkinson & Diane Webber, mannequin maker, nude ballerina, spark plugs).   Full collation details available upon request.   [Book ID: 125670]  [Magazines]


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