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Kiowa Classic (12 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969)

Kiowa Classic (12 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969)

SKU: 125157

Comer, Austin and John Wilder, Mike Hunt, Ralph Walters, Hadja Bjorne (Bruce Whiting, Ph.D.), Pierre Jacques, Martin Hoffman, Randy Van Horn[e], Hamlin Gage, Anonymous (writers)


Buffalo, NY: Kiowa Books, 1969. Twelve vintage adult paperbacks, featuring illustrated bland pop-art covers depicting a Pan character in silhouette. Short-lived adult fiction line, general themes. Reader's delight, no frills in design or distribution. The Inquisitive Son (101), WARM RECEPTION (102), THE SENSUALISTS (103), BOUND TO OBEY (104), SEXUAL FREEDOM (108), SEXUS DEFECTUS (110), HAREM OF MEN (111), ON THE BRINK (112), The Administrator (113), The Ruthless Dromedas (116), The Black Widow Farm (117), Depraved Doctor (120). Very Good overall, a few better, 1 remainder. [Book ID 125157] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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