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Knave (Vintage British adult magazine, 1990)

Knave (Vintage British adult magazine, 1990)

SKU: 126172

Gilfillan, Ross (ed. in chief); David Spenser, Moose, Al Buck (eds.); Tim Marney, Grant van Dijk (design); Susan Shadrake, Graham Page, Shep Ling Bor (graphic artists); James Freeman, Geoff Hayes, Dag Ohrlund, Beauty International, Austin Legrew, Sam Higgins, Albert Hall, Frank Lee (photo.); Roy Nixon (cartoon); Tony Crawley, Les Lilley, Ted Polhemus, Clive Wakfur (contributors)


Knave (Vintage British adult magazine, 1990)


Essex: Galaxy Publications, Ltd., 1990. V22 N6, 1990; B/W/Color throughout, 110pp, 8.25 x 11.75 inches, saddle-stapled, 1.75 British pounds cover price. Vintage British adult magazine showcasing nude model photography, fiction/nonfiction, cartoons, ads. Series ran 1968-2015 approx., notable for Mary Millington appearances, & for publishing a Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman works. Scarce issue. 


Carmel in flames front cover/4pp/centerfold, Fiesta "Comic Strip" magazine ad rear cover. Reader letters, Gayle at pool 6pp, "Jack de Ladd" cartoon (Danny & George), Jeff Goldbum & Geena Davis vignette, Nina in sprinkler 6pp, detectives/PI novels, Betina in long silver gloves 6pp, hotel story, Diana leather-clad 6pp, Robert Mitchum quotes/vignettes (Crawley), pop-singer speech-bubble photo story 6pp, lace/latex bra evolution, Louisa garters 4pp, Eileen in shower 6pp, blonde Lilith 6pp, "Cowpoke Willie" cartoon (Wakfer), exotic Patsy 6pp, Boy George vignette, ads (hotlines). 

Very Good, moisture wear overall, creases, rubbing.  [Book ID 126172] [Magazines]


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