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Lena (Vintage Paperback, 1971)

Lena (Vintage Paperback, 1971)

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Bronson, A. A. and Susan Harrison writing as A. C. McWhortle; George Adams (cover photo)


Lena (Vintage Paperback, 1971)


New York: Grove Press Inc., 1971. First printing of this edition, 12mo softcover, $1.75 cover price, 158pp, perfect-bound, color wrappers, chess pawn spine logo. Vintage paperback, adult erotic novel featuring interracial themes, motorcycle gangs, corrupt cops, and switchblade delinquents. Bronson (Michael Tims) was a Canadian artist and author who originally published Lena with Taurus Books (1968), with another Canadian artist and sometime stripper, Susan Harrison. The story recounts the coming of age of a promiscuous poor black teenager, whose debasement at the hands of a biker gang lead to unexpected pleasures. The first edition was banned in Canada, and the publishers sold the novel to Grove Press (this edition) who omitted the original Epilogue. Reprinted with original title "Lana" in 2009 with Richard Prince cover art. 


Very Good Plus, faint rubbing and lean, spine crease. For consenting, mature audiences. From the estate of Andrew J. Offutt, noted science-fiction, fantasy, and underground erotica writer.


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