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Lesbian Journal (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1984-85)

Lesbian Journal (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1984-85)

SKU: 125495

N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1984-85. Vintage adult paperbacks focusing on lesbian themes, from arguably the largest publisher/distributor of adult material, including magazines; this line one of the best all-lesbian productions of the 1980s, w/ color photo covers. 4-letter words well-represented. Marlowe Sales ads/checklists present. Scarce series. PRETTY GIRLS, JUST GIRLS - LJ104, 1984. Carol Quinn. Set in Idaho; WANDA, GAY CALL GIRL - LJ113, 1985. Erica Lom. B/w illus. throughout!; JANET'S LESBIAN LOVES - LJ115, 1985. Mary Marks. Motels, nightclubs; THE DYKE GOES WEST - LJ122, 1985. Glenda Phillips. Tennis, farms; SANDRA'S LESBO NEEDS - LJ126, 1985. Glenda Phillips. Reprints "Bed of Lesbos" (1968) & 1979/85/86 titles. Odd numbering. Reno; CARLA'S LOVE, SAMANTHA - LJ127, 1985. Toby Benson. Man-hater freelance photographer. All VG, remainders. [Book ID 125495] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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