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Liverpool Book: Tiburon Book (6 vintage adult paperbacks)

Liverpool Book: Tiburon Book (6 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125626

Peter Jensen, Raymond Travis, Faye Jackson, Monte Larden, Arnold Sinatra, Carl Van Marcus (authors) 

Los Angeles / Sausalito, CA: Trans-Europeal Publications / Tiburon Publishing House, 1968-73. Six vintage adult paperbacks, general lurid themes covered, including infidelity, teachers, divorcees, Hollywood starlets. "Published" in Geneva & Copenhagen, distributed by Kable. Uncommon line, from Liverpool's "Best Sellers Series" (BSS), at least 100 in the series. Belvedere Book Club checklists in back. The Blackmailed Wife (BSS 602-T, 1968, 3rd print); The Seductive Sister-in-Law (BSS 623-T, 1971); The Marriage Teacher (BSS 637-T, 1972); The Company Doctor (BSS 662-T, 1972); The Divorcee (BSS 699-T, 1973); THE Lady Disc Jockey (BSS 703-T, 1973). VG+ overall.   [Book ID: 125626]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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