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Love Life of a Hollywood Mistress (First Edition)

Love Life of a Hollywood Mistress (First Edition)

SKU: 125929

Stonebraker, Florence (author)

New York: Quarter Books, 1950. Quarter Books N73. Paperback Original, first printing. Sultry redhead smoking in yellow fur-lined gown, black nylons, pearls. Cover art uncredited. Illustrated throughout in B/W glamor photography, photo-story of seductive mistress, jealous lovers, guys in button-down shirts & ties ("mad men"). Quarter Books seems to have capitulated both camera clubs & mass-market publishing into one package. Another great NY outfit, nearing 100 titles, & some of the finer authors/artists of the era, including Peggy Gaddis, Rodewald, James N. Gifford, George Gross; key pinup cover series. Very Good., pencil notation to front, creases. Gary Lovisi, "The Sexy Digests" p73, 2008.  [Book ID: 125929]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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