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Male (vintage adventure magazine, 1951)

Male (vintage adventure magazine, 1951)

SKU: 125484

Lewis, Herschell Gordon (contributor)
New York: Official Com. Inc., 1951. V1 N5, Apr 1951. Postwar adventure magazine devoted to military stories & personalities, propaganda, brief pinup. This issue notable for the Herschell Gordon Lewis "reefer madness" story called "Reefer in the Boneyard." Harvey Kidder cover! René de Marais, Jules Archer (3000 a.d. love), Rone Lowe, Wilmon Menard, Carlton Beals, Ib Melchior, George Nugent (Africa devil tree), James Gray (killer whale, cannibalism), David Scaler told to N.R. Mexico (burglary), William Van Narvig (Soviet slave labor camp), Walter S. Tobias, Milton Leekoff (Brooklyn), Jack Dempsey, Raoul Smythe, Jim Konstanty, Ewart A. Autry (catfish), Charles V. Nemo (wolf children), Lt. Harry E. Rieseberg (sunken treasure), Norman E. Bacon, James J. Simonds, Anthony Ridge. Art: Ray Houlihan, George Klein, Victor Prezio. Boxing, human pincushion, Arabian women for sale, John Stevens & Eve Adams dancing, letter from hermaphrodite. Near Fine. Scarce. [Book ID 125484] [Magazines]


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