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Man's Delight (Vintage adult magazine, 1974)

Man's Delight (Vintage adult magazine, 1974)

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Goldstein, Edward (publisher); Jonas, RBK, Fred Enke, Keith Bernard (photography); Warner Elliot, John Milton, E.M. Lee, Laurence Schwab, Charles Darwin (contributors)


Man's Delight (Vintage adult magazine, 1974)


Sherman Oaks, CA: E-Go Enterprises, 1974. V2 N11, November 1974; B/W/Color throughout, $1.25 cover price, distributed by PDC, 74pp, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine featuring nude and glamour pictorials, cartoons, fiction, editorials, forum, entertainment reviews, news. Ran 1972-78, A-list photography, attractive models, this issue notable for Michelle Angelo.


Heather cover/6pp, vitamins, Patsy in belt 4pp, Salzburg vice, blonde/stud 4pp, 104yr-old call girl, Candy at beach 4pp, fiction (commune, professor, affairs), Rene Bond 1pp, Kelly blonde wig 4pp/center, Patty floral 6pp, Michelle Angelo poolside 4pp, vignettes (Frankie Hires/Hines, Uschi), ads (Lili St. Cyr, Uschi, Joyce Gibson).


Very Good Plus, slight roll, light rubbing & soil. 


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