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Man's Favorite Pastime (vintage adult magazine, 1960)

Man's Favorite Pastime (vintage adult magazine, 1960)

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[Roena Publications, Inc.]


Man's Favorite Pastime (vintage adult magazine, 1960)


Los Angeles, CA: Roena Publications, Inc., 1960. V1 N5, 1960; distributed by GW (Golden West?), B/W throughout, 50 cents cover price, 50pp, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine, from series noted for early issues credited to Elmer Batters, who would eventually publish his own work under Press Arts. Presumed he had little to no involvement w/ later issues, much of the content resembles Russ Meyer's bosom themes. The title saw variations over it's run, particularly good mid 1960s. 


Golden Rapture bubble bath ad rear cover, bride fiction (Eric Drayton), Kinsey essay (Lew Lason), classic Jeannie Mack & props 3pp, jokes, island resort fiction (Ernie Janus), uncredited Barb Robinson (see N4) 5pp, politics fiction (Greg T. Jones), Cathi Carter conga 4pp/color centerfold, pedestal woman fiction (Dan Roscoe), "Beat Me Daddy" fiction (George H. Smith), Linda Lane black corset 3pp, Tahitian Malia Dupre 4pp, June McCall 1pp, Len Wilton & Jody Nelson 1pp, Playmate Jean Jani 1pp, a few uncredited models, ads (Lili St. Cyr panties).


Good, rubbing, creasing, chips/tears. 


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