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Man's Magazine (3 vintage adventure magazines, 1967-69)

Man's Magazine (3 vintage adventure magazines, 1967-69)

SKU: 125870

Hirsch, Phil, and F.G. Byrne, Jack Hoffman, Grover Peet, B. Leventer, James W. Burke, et al. (editors)

New York: Hewfred Publications, 1967-69. Distributed by MAC. B/W/Color throughout, ~100pp. Three vintage magazines devoted to military stories & personalities, adventure & true crime, propaganda, brief pinup (by 1969 the magazine featured nude models. Presumably grew from the tabloid adventure title of the 1950s; great writers/artists kept it alive. Tied to Guy magazine. Included: V15 N3, March 1967: Len Guttridge, Hermann K. Wolff, Glenn Infield, Ken Williams, Paul Meskil, G.L. Gaynor, S.J. Bradley, Walter R. Hecox, George Dole, William harris, Larry Powell, John Sparkman, Nilah B. Rodgers, Frank Kane, Mel Crair (cover), Pete Wyma, Al Piane, Hageman, Bill Wenzel, Lutner, Hoest; Carmine Persico, South Seas story, Viet Cong ambush, leg surgery, Brotherhood of Painters crime, lettuce cigarettes, old US pipelines, nymphomania, Dawn Grayson 3pp, alcoholism. V16 N4, April 1968: George William Rae, J. Lewis Nelson, Glenn Infield, Ron Vogel, Gene Riley, John Godwin, Don Wilder, Fred Wheeler, Tedd Thomey, Maurice Leitch, Myron Brenton, James Barrow, Thomas Taylor, Hoest, Hageman, Val, Herbert Goldberg, Schochet, Leo Garel, Ted Trogdon, Harry Jones; New England Mafia, firetrap hotels, love then war (Paul Rader-esque illus.), inventions, hippie sex life, interpol, Sandra Nobel 2pp, John Huston, sex-mad hypnotist, the morgue, Viet Cong. V17 N2, February 1969: Len Guttridge, Ovid Demaris, John Cashman, Sam Wu, Al Griffin, A.R. Dunn, Ted Ashmore, Walter R. Hecox, Bill Hoest, John E. Sparkman, Eugene Mirabelli, Tony M. told to Ken Gross, Bill Witherspoorn, Irving Wallace, Charles Rodrigues, Hageman, Al Kaufman, Togdon, Frank Tabor, S. Harris, Schochet; Denver bomb unit, Herald Examiner under siege, home brewing, burglary/drug addict, lawyer love in Philadelphia, N. Vietnam, Karla Woodjack 4pp, bank heist, Mexico sex, kidney transplant, Beatles Yellow Submarine Magazine ad. Very Good overall.  [Book ID: 125870]  [Magazines]


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