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Man to Man (2 vintage pin-up magazines, Barbara Nichols covers, 1952)

Man to Man (2 vintage pin-up magazines, Barbara Nichols covers, 1952)

SKU: 125920

Scott, W.W. (editor-in-chief), Clyde Cavendish, Ray Chatterton, Howard Daughton, et al. (editors); Bernard of Hollywood (photography); Various (contributors)

New York: Volitant Publishing Corporation / Picture Magazines, 1952. Monthly, distributed by IND/ID. B/W throughout, 66pp, side-stapled. Two vintage pin-up magazines devoted to adventure/crime fiction, news and celebrities, sports, w/ brief cheesecake pin-up. Pulpy straggler would become pornographic whiles maintaing a newsstand presence, 1970s feature nude model layouts. Ties to Sir!, & Hit! magazines. These issues feature pinup model turned burlesque turned B-movie starlet, Barbara Nichols, on front panels. Before she made her way to stage and screen, Barbara was a model for major publishing houses who specialized in mature content during the early 1950s. Some of her earliest appearances are vintage paperback & digest covers, w/ great detective/true crime magazine covers leading the way. She would also appear in tiny ads for photo enlarging showing a young Barbara, perhaps an early test photo. V3 N4, May 1959: R.J. Galway, Henry S. Galus, C.V. Tench, Leroy Thorpe, Frank Remington, Ray Terrio, Steven Enright, Thorp McClusky, Dunwoodie Hall, J.W. Rowley, Harold Helfer, G.J. Carlaw, Clem Boddington, La Mendola, Sharpe, Frank Beaven, George Davis, Gibson, Pomarico, Schneider; alcoholism cure, racehorses, Ethiopian tribe, crime fiction, June McCall fishnets 2pp, history's suicides, Arab lovers, pugilism, divorce, Ken Murray girls, odd food, blonde Betty Hartenstein, oil tycoon Dorcie Calhoun, Victoria Woodhull, lonely hearts club ads, Charles Atlas ad rear panel. V3 N10, November 1959: John Keally, Arthur J. Burks, Carl Norris, L. Mackay Phelps, Anonymous, Edward Cannon, Ernest Silverman, Albert A. Brandt, Frank Remington, Edgar Price, Bryce Walton, T.W. Raines, John Cardo, Sharp, Oakes, Beaven, Diamond, La Mendola, Norment, Rayon, Mel Millar, Schneider; political sex scandals, Italian brothels (Kevin Daley vignette), US football players in Canada, Cuban Hilda Estevez, Mundurucu tribe drugs, bowling crime fiction, cruel Aztecs, Pat Stanton, bigamy, prostitution memoir, MIG Alley, Inga Borg & Roselle Mannie ride bikes, aspirin, Australian buffalo, suicides, deadly insects. Solid Very Good overall, N10 better. Two great Nichols additions. Steve Sullivan, "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia," #549, 1999. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013.  [Book ID: 125920]  [Magazines]


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