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Man to Man (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1967)

Man to Man (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1967)

SKU: 126185

Lopez, Adrian B. (publisher); Everett Meyers, Norman Schreiber, Barry H. Lopez, Ronald Reggio (eds.); Gerald Repp (art dir.); Lynne O'Neill, Ronald Cardon, Marianne Criswell, Jon A. Ripslinger, Dorothy Allen, Al Van Starrex, Raoul MacFarlane, M.S. Player, Mike Berry, Jane Dolinger, James S. Brooks (contributors)


Man to Man (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1967)


New York: Picture Magazines, 1967. VXVII (17) N6, November 1967; B/W/Color throughout, 63pp, 60 cents cover price, distributed by Kable ("K" logo on front), saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine featuring cover/3pp/foldout of Michelle Angelo as "Machelle" in pink. Angelo a Texas native & prolific curvaceous 1960s model, notably a familiar face (& bust) in Parliament News magazines & paperbacks, acted in films & "nude loops". Brandon House paperbacks show her lush dimensions & girl-next-door appeal regularly, a few other appearances from less reputable publishers. Man to Man ran late 1940s-80s, maybe 100 issues, even special editions/yearbooks, devoted to nude pinups, adventure, fiction/nonfiction throughout its history.


UFOs & Hippy blurbs on front cover, Universal Schools ad rear cover. Men's fashion, Gitta at beach 2pp, "hippy" posters 4pp, Absens cartoon, sexploitation films 3pp, burlesque, "Satira" witch fiction, ginger Carol Allan 2pp/double-sided foldout, jokes, Amazon & Australia strip circuit, book reviews, UFOs over Canada, ribaldry, Beatniks on boats cartoons 4pp, Hoppes cartoon, reader letters, sex survey, ads (Intercontinental Distributing Co. 8mm, KMR Publications car magazines). 


Very Good Plus, light creases/rubbing, spine stress. [Book ID 126185] [Magazines]


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