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Man to Man (Vintage pin-up magazine, Feb-Mar 1952)

Man to Man (Vintage pin-up magazine, Feb-Mar 1952)

SKU: 125496

Phelps, L. Mackay, John Charr, Leroy Thorpe, Dr. B. Parker Alberts, Howard Peters, Dan Forsdike, James Grey, Charles V. Nemo, Fletcher Flora, William Sambrot, Clem Boddington, Harry Kursh (contirbutors); Schneider, Beaven, Rieker, La Mendola, Gibson, Mace, Ali, Bernhardt, Ulsh (art/cartoons); Ufland (cover photos)
New York: Volitant Publishing Corporation, February-March 1952. V3 N2. Distributed by ID/IND. B/w throughout, 66pp. Vintage non-nude postwar "stag" magazine devoted to celebrities, vice & truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, music, loaded w/ photographs & great models. Longrunning, well into the 1970s as a softcore adult magazine. This issue features articles on jazz, American Indians, dogs, diseases & sex, gambling women, psychiatry, elephant hunts, A-bombs, Dan Parker (sports), Kursh on sydicated cockfighting (5pp, photo-illus.). Models featured (2pp ea):  Lilly "The Cat Girl" Christine, Jill Herzog, house favorite bather Lili St. Cyr, blonde Doreen Dare, Charles Atlas rear panel. Uncommon issue. VG+. [Book ID 125496] [Magazines]


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