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Marcelle Donnelly (vintage pinup digest magazine, 1950s)

Marcelle Donnelly (vintage pinup digest magazine, 1950s)

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Donnelly, Marcelle (featured)


Marcelle Donnelly (vintage pinup digest magazine, 1950s)


N.p.: Du-Barry Pub. Co., 1950s. Vintage nude pinup digest magazine featuring model Marcelle Donnelly, posing & emphasizing natural assets, in gloves, heels, hose, garters, on Victorian lounge. Buxom brunette w/ quiet charm, unsung. 


Hundreds of similar digest magazines were produced by fly-by-night operations, mainly around New York, notably Burmel Publishing (Lenny Burtman's enterprise). Many were published as photography and/or art "studies" booklets, w/ technical camera data, exposure chart, & the standard emphasis on sexual liberation; early issues featured several models per issue & many maintain airbrushing techniques rolled over from nudist magazines, much of the posing naturally obscures otherwise censored areas. Still scarce institutionally. 


32pp, 5.25 x 8.25 inches, B/W throughout, duochrome wrapper, saddle-stapled. Very Good, light rubbing, centerfold detached & present, rubberstamp price. 


Jim Linderman, "Proto-Porn: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s," 2012. [Book ID 126120] [Magazines]


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