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Mayfair (2 Vintage adult magazines, 1989, 1995)

Mayfair (2 Vintage adult magazines, 1989, 1995)

SKU: 125833

London, UK: Fisk Publishing / Paul Raymond, 1989, 1995. Two vintage British adult magazines, distributed by Seymour Press and Comag. Slightly taller size. Features solo model layouts of lithe women, self-pleasuring women, and copious ad pages. England's "Penthouse" companion, perhaps. V25 N2, c. 1989: Coral ballet cover/layout (Paolo Tallarigo), Bill Wenzel, Forbes art, submarines (Peter Congreve), Albertina black gloves (John Patrick Burgess), locomotives (Dave Clark, Gary Merrin), Marta from Hungary, Alpine autos (Andrew Morland), "Cupboard Love" (Sam White, Terry Pastor illus.), Julie blue floral (centerfold, Joanie Allum), Ronald Cobb & Paul White illus., secretary Miss Jones (A.R. Evans), horror show mockery, gypsy Roxanne (John Graham), curly-haired Belinda, girl-next-door Angie Chambers. (Men's World), V7 N3, 1995: Andie McPherson foldout cover/center (Viv Thomas), brunette Lorraine (Jack Harrison), lithe Niki (Sandy Johnson), blonde & car Jo Guest (Steve Colby), loving pair Vanessa & Maria (Colby), ginger Louisa & chair (Harrison), Stacey in white (Harry Ormesher), bathing blonde Clare (Jim Thrustand), playful blonde Angeline (Denys Defrancesco), jazz singer Mari Southgate, lesbianism, Sheryl Crow vignette, Ryan & Sonia softcore, Marie Whittaker & Jenna Jameson ads. Very Good Plus overall.   [Book ID: 125833]  [Magazines]


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