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Men (vintage adventure magazine, Mar 1953)

Men (vintage adventure magazine, Mar 1953)

SKU: 125875

Goodman, Martin (publisher); Ralph Royle, Foldes, Penguin, Camera Clix, Jerry Cooke, Official Marine Corps, Peter Beron, F.W . Ritter, Wide World, Kelpix (photography); Noah Sarlat, Mel Blum, K.T. Meyer, V.A. Jirsa, et al. (eds.); Hal Annas, William O. Doss, Sgt. John E. McKay, Emile C. Schurmacher, Capt. Ken Baker, Ernest Canada, Joseph Davios, Ralph Townsend, Wilhelm Reiners, Leo Guild, Seth Kantor, Ken M. Armstrong, Juan Descrotes, Robert Leon, P. Van Brijn (contributors); S. Greco (art); Lew Holloway, Ted Morris, Lindquist, Waters (illus.)


Men (vintage adventure magazine, Mar 1953)


New York: Zenith Publishing, 1953. V2 N3, March 1953; distributed by Atlas / ID, B/W throughout, 82pp, 25 cents cover prise, side-stapled/perfect-bound. Vintage adventure magazine featuring military stories & personalities,great wartime photography. adventure & true crime, propaganda, airbrushed non-nude pinup. Tied to Sportsman magazine. Exciting & pulpy.


S. Greco cover art, Motor Book Dept. ad rear cover. Timber thinning, medicine, water-skiing Jim Hubbard 3pp, "Little Alcatraz" escape, Seven Devils loot in Idaho, sex lottery in Kansas, Hoengsong tanks, scorpions, matador fiction, Paricutin volcano, Hitler's treasure Toten mountains, pugilist Paul Berlenbach, leopardess, Texas Air Corps, Gardena gambling, deadly chimney sweeps; ads (Mason shoes, Charles Atlas, correspondence school, Sloan & Peters typewriters, antismoking, Book League of America, pulsating spot reducer, George F. Jowett).  


Very Good Plus, moderate edge toning, slight roll. [Book ID 125875] [Magazines]


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